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"You will never do anything in the world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor."
- Aristole.

This is how you can support us: You can send something that you no longer need or want to let go to needy people. You can help make the Ashram an even more beautiful place. Every person can be a valuable support in realizing a great whole for a better world. You can support us with a donation of money or join any program, which we will use to build the Ashram. On "Membership" you will see our consideration to you, the small gift which you will receive from us in return for your donation.
Formation costs:
For our start-up we need 30,000$.
Use of the initial capital: Construction of the Ashram (The spiritual home and practical institute): 12 rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, yoga hall, temple (for the energetic rituals), massage and panch karma place, Himalayan herbal garden. Coverage of recurring costs: From the profit of our activities, we will be able to cover the running costs and - as a mission - offer regular work to people in need and enable them to become independent.
Sustainability of our project:
In order to guarantee more security and to be able to support the needy people really sustainably, we will always inform about the current projects and it will always be possible to donate once or continuously. We will inform interested parties about the amount of money donated - be it $5, from which we can buy someone a pair of good shoes or a larger amount of money to organize a sustainable education, training or a job for a child, a young person or an adult. There will also be an opportunity to support a sponsored child in a targeted way and to give him and his family luck and a better future. We will also work with selected yoga studios from all over the world who will be able to offer our traditional yoga teacher trainings (Indian Ancient Yoga by Uttarakhand, Himalaya) in their studios after a training period at the Ashram. We issue certificates to your yoga students after successful teacher training.
The Members and supporter:
1. Andreas Lüthi : Support Membership
2. Simone Baumgartner : Puja Membership
3. Mirjam Meier : Puja Membership
4. Jenny Guggisberg : Love Yoga Membership
5. Eliane Gfeller: Love Yoga Membership.

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