You will never do anything in the world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor.
- Aristole.

21 November, 2019

  • Is really this is the part of our energies or we influenced by other energy or people or….we don’t know?
    So… here this is the basic introduction on 8 december 2019.
    The main topics of discussion and little practice:
  • Is really possible to understand energy is working mechanically or medically or just blind faith?
  • Is really energies can influence our life?
  • Is possible to solve the energies issue?
  • Is possible to balance and identify the energies of people?
  • The introduction about mechanical energy/chemical energy/thermal energy/bio mechanics/ bio energy.
  • The introduction about spiritual energy.
  • The power house and production of human energy.
  • Description about the energy flow.

  • We cordially invite you at
    Smilence centre, Dharam Yatri Nivas, Laxman jhula, Rishikesh.


    The energy flow

    21 November, 2019

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    Retreat in Himalaya
    from 23/11/2019 to 06/12/2019.

    01 November, 2019

    Image 02 More

    Journey towards nature

    30 October, 2019

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    All the vegetation is present in the forest which is necessary to live a life. Our life is moving away from nature and forests and then searching Ayurveda in five star hotels. What kind of human anguish is this? If you want to understand jungle with me, then take time and identify your forest and nature.


    Completed the all schedules of training.

    28 October, 2019

    Today we are very happy that we have completed teacher training as per our program. We will now have the next training program starting in March 2020.
    All applicants are requested to get themselves registered by 31 January 2020 for the training held in March.
    We have only space for 8 person.
    Deadline for training in mid-April to mid-May: 28 February 2020.
    Last date for training in August: 30 June 2020.
    Last date for training in mid September to mid October: 30 July 2020.

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    Retreat in India

    October, 2018

    The Journey of transformation:
    Under this topic we learnt related Yoga Asana, We saw some old Indian ancient techniques, we knew and discussed about human anatomy and design, we did practice to make the some Himalayan herbs. We felt energy from Himalayan environment and energetic place, we learnt and felt the power of Indian traditional rituals, We did practice, learnt and feel the energy of Sanskrit words and mantra. We knew and introduced about Indian culture and philosophy. We had chance to work for humanity and we supported to “we-support-humanity”.
    Location of Retreat:
    The location of the retreat is Rishikesh and mountains of Himalaya (North part of India).
    The main attraction of retreat:

  • Himalayan herbs knowledge, practice and ayurvedic food.
  • Indian food cooking classes.
  • Yoga Aasana, meditation, mantra chanting and Practice.
  • Beautiful nature of Himalaya.
  • Astrology chart and predictions.
  • Energetic rituals.
  • Karma Yoga.
  • Trekking and travel.
  • Visit the cities and rural Uttarakhand (India).
  • Charity...

  • More
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    Lectures and Discussion in Ukraine

    September, 2018

    The all lectures based on the Indian culture, philosophy, science, Metaphysics & Technology.

  • The Guru and Guru Diksha.
  • Who can be Guru? How can choose?
  • The Idnian Yoga and Cosmic energies.
  • The Indian Astrology and Yoga.
  • The relation of Pandit (Brahman) with Ancient Indian Yoga.
  • The Yoga aasna based on the astrology chart.
  • For the perfect life : The Ayurveda, Astrology, Yoga Aasana, Science and Rituals activities.
  • The history of Indian saint (Sadhu) and Baba.
  • How can produce the positive energy at home?
  • The relationship and mutual respect between parents and children.
  • The search and selction of good partner.

  • More
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    Program in Ukraine

    August-September, 2018

    The Astrology, Yoga Aasana, workshops and Discussions with scientist and doctors on the 'Metaphysics & Technology'.

  • Astrology Chart and predictions
  • Yoga Anatomy
    Ritual Activities:
  • Puja (Indian yogic traditional ancient ritual techniques for positive energy.)
  • Fire ceremony (Yagya).
  • Ganesh Puja.
  • Luxmi Puja.
  • Puja for peace and prosperity.
  • Puja for Family parents and children connections.
  • Puja for remove negative energy and fill positive energy.
  • more and more

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    Beautiful time in Europe:

    July - August, 2018

    Sharing experience:Retreats, yoga workshops, Yoga Asana, Yoga Anatomy, Metaphysics, Astrology, visit university of Bern, visit CERN, Geneva, visit other countries of Europe, some ritual and spiritual activities during stay in Europe.



    Image 04 The topics of seminar is on:"The Yogic life, Metaphysics & Technology"
    Here interaction between scientist, doctors, professors, engineers, yogis & yoginis, social activist.

    Venue: Akhil garhwal sabha, Neshvilla road, Dehradun.

    January 13, 2019


    The seminar on " The yogic life, metaphysics & technology.

    January 20, 2019

    Construction Ashram

    Image 04

    Soon ashram construction will start on this place, this is on way of Neelkanth mahadev road, pauri garhwal, Uttarakhand (near 17 Km from Rishikesh). More...

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