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(Let us support each other)
Meri kalam se

We support humanity & organising:

some interesting programs. The donation amount will for survive, development, help and support humanity.

We can hold together

Project, work and activities:

Our intention to help and support the street talent and homeless persons, save the nature & ecological system. So, about this concept we are working on future project...


Online/Offline programs:

(Personal care, guidance & classes)
Yog/Yoga aasan/anatomy
Yoga training

Focus on daily yog aasan (posture) and boost up the energy of body and mind.

Puja (Energy rituals)/Aarti
Puja aarti

Puja (Pray) is a process of take the energy and also transfer to others.This is an old and traditional technique.

 Physics and beyond physics

The metaphysics is beyond of the science. Physics and maths guidance for school and yog students.

Satsang/Bhajan/questions & Ans.
harmonium music and discussion

The good togetherness with healthy and spiritual discussion, spiritual songs for inner search.

Astrology and life predictions

The position of our stars and planets. The life predictions based on birth chart.

Ayurvedic herbs and knowledge

The food knowledge/yogic food/healthy food tips.

Yog philosophy
Patanjali yog sutra and Bhagvad geeta

The philosophy of yog and yogic life, discussion about holy books.

Himalayan life, culture & art
 Himalayan Rural life and culture

There are many cultures and festivals in India. we focus the north part of India.

List: online programs
Yoga programs for all over world

The details of all online programs worldwide in one line.


Applied yoga physics/Metaphysics:

Yoga physics and Metaphysics More


Himalayan yoga retreats

The retreats and summer courses on many interesting, creative and useful topics for healthy life.


How to book the program or class?.

  • Just Mail with name of program at "" or ""
  • or message through facebook. Contact via facebook (click here).
  • or whatsapp at "+91 897 973 1711".
  • Online plateform: Google meet, Facebook room and zoom applications.
  • Donation for program or class depends on program or classes time and duration.
  • Offer:The college/Institute or person who likes to organise the programs or classes. Then, it can be exciting offer for them. Contact for details.
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    The use of donation amount:
    donation chart

    Some videos on natural energies & frequencies:

    The power of sound energy.

    Boost up the immune system with music, with sound energy. Mantra chanting or singing the song.

    The aura, yog and energy

    The aura, yog energy and magnetic field. The human connection with mother nature.

    The energy of forest & self healing.

    Save the nature and feel the power/energy of the birds, animals, water, trees, smell of trees.

    Thought for nature

    Nature and natural herbs

    Every part of nature is complementary to each other and human and every part of nature are connected by this principle. So, let's come we understand to ourselves we understand nature.


    Research/deep study

    Deep study of yoga and philosophy

    We understand that a good research needed in yoga. The nterested persons are welcome to research & work together.


    Project details and policies:

    Shiva Gauri Ashram:
    Shiva gauri ashram

    Covid changed a lot but still have plan to build a practical life institute and spiritual home.

    little donation can change of someone life

    The little contribution or help can change the life of someone.

    Membership of support humanity

    Who can join us? The person who would like to open the heart & value of humanity.

    Digamber Chamoli

    The founder is Digamber Chamoli, he was born in a village of himalaya, India.

    Offer for you
    Offer for work together

    If you are interested on our any program, then this offer is for you...

    Social service
    Little effort can make a smile on the face.

    You can make a smile on face of homeless child & valuable contribution for our ecological system.


    facebook Contact +91-897 973 1711
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